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Cupping / hijama

Cupping is in trend now but it is not new. It is an ancient form of alternative medicinal therapy where a specialist will place cups around your skin for a few minutes to create a suction. At Blade Craft we use the method of suction with a hand pump to make removing toxins effective and pain free. We have male and female therapists available.for more information get in touch with us.

Haircut / Styling

Our barbers have a passion for their craft.Our crafters will do their best to create a look that they think will look amazing! But they will also listen to whatever look/style it is you want, so just say the word and it’s done!

Shaving / Grooming

If you only want to trim your beard, let our Crafters work on it. We will use our skills and techniques to create a beard that will flawlessly compliment your face.

Facial Treatments

Enjoy our state of the art facial treatments at Blade Craft. Our facials are guaranteed to improve your general appearance and make your skin feel supple and smooth. Come and try us out for yourself!

About us

Perfect Haircuts

Blade Craft London is a leading Barbershop based in South East London. We pride ourselves in providing the best haircuts and grooming services, it is our Craft. We understand the impact a good haircut can have on you, so our professional Crafters take pleasure in their work and ensure that every client feels and looks amazing every time they sit in one of our chairs. Do not be fooled, we are so much more than just a barbershop, as we offer a full range of grooming services for both men and women including hot towel and facial services.

In addition, you’ll also find our prestigious “House of Scents” in our store that stock the most luxurious fragrances to make you smell great. We also offer cupping or “hijama” which is located at the back of our store, conducted by professionals which cater to men and women. So whether it’s getting ready for a big job interview, or meeting the in laws for the first time, or even going on that special date, we have the services you need to help you prepare.


Our Crafters are carefully selected by their skills, passion and precision for barbering. They have a blend of skills and techniques to create the best hair style/cut for your needs. Everything they craft will be tailored to you.


Hair Cut (no beard)
Skin Fade with beard
12 and under
Head Shave
Wet Shave
Hot Towel Facial
Beard Shape Up
cupping/hijama to say start from


Get groomed in the comfort of your own space by one of our professional crafters. Be it in the comfort of your home, your place of work or your hotel room, our crafters will give you the confident look to make heads turn. We bring our own equipment and our own chair so you get that barbershop feeling wherever you are. Our VIP mobile visits will help you save time, travel and the dread of finding parking. We cover the whole of the UK. For pricing enquiries, call 07703287100.

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137 Plumstead Road,
London, SE18 7DY

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